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Kagro in the Morning

Nov 25, 2022

For National Leftovers Day, we present this vintage post-T-Day episode, from November 27, 2020.

We had planned to bring you last year's post-Thanksgiving show, but that one was taken down by YouTube, because we read a story that quoted and debunked COVID loons, and, well, YouTube. (The episode was later restored on appeal of an appeal, but the odds were pretty good that they'd take it down all over again.)

So, instead, we have one from the year before!

David Waldman and Armando delivered a then-piping fresh KITM right to your ears. Don’t bother to get off the couch, just finish off that can of cranberry sauce and tub of Cool Whip, and tune in!

Diaper Don sat behind his widdle desk yesterday and had only widdle things to say. Hell yes, Donald Trump is “stepping down” for Joe Biden, of course, he’s not coming to the inauguration.  We’ve had Trump’s number for some time now. He’ll continue to destroy the country of course, but that’s barely been a side interest for him. Real despotism is a lot of work. Pardoning people takes so little effort that he can work a couple in between holes.

The Right loves dead liberals. That’s because people actually respect dead liberals, plus you can have them say whatever you want. Almost as good, are fake ex-liberals, because you know they’re going where the grift is deepest and won’t get tripped up by any sticky ideology. Things will be fine, if you only remember to not give your money to them. A guy dropped $2.5 million on True the Vote Inc., which bought him “vague responses, platitudes, and empty promises” — exactly what he payed for. Hopefully, none of you paid for a Kraken, because the delivery date keeps getting pushed back, and release might not be so imminent.