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Today, David Waldman is off being meaningfully contemplative, so again KITM travels back in time, to Rosh Hashanah. Not that recent one, however, but way back to ‘73 5773

It was the first anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, Elizabeth Warren was on her way to a win, Linda McMahon was on her way to a loss, everyone was comparing Mitt Romney to James K. Polk… or at least Mitt was, and David still was rocking his NPR voice, all while predicting the imminent retirement of past-his-prime author Bob Woodward. Here’s David’s take at the time:


Happy 5773, Earth! You don't look a day over 5750, if you ask me. It's September 17th, and Occupy Wall Street is back out on the streets, marking its anniversary. Daily Kos contributing editors Greg Dworkin and Steve Singiser joined the show with their polling and punditry roundups, plus listener calls led us to discussions of the importance of your vote (especially in local elections) and the unfortunate decline in impact and value of Bob Woodward's insider journalism.

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