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Kagro in the Morning - February 1, 2016

Listen as David Waldman battles nature, school delays, and mic levels in today’s installment of KITM!

Greg Dworkin sifts through mounds of data and poll results as we go into the Iowa Caucus: Donald Trump may pick up the Gop side, Hillary Clinton the Democratic, but the race is so tight that results will depend on how well the voters are being turned out. Enthusiasm and persuadabilty metrics are interesting as are race, ethnicity, class, and age gaps, but why does  it have to be Iowa?

Sanders and Clinton are reshaping their coalitions in interesting ways as they compete for the nomination, while Republican candidates ask “What would Jeff Sessions do?”

Armando hops behind the KITM microphone for a while as David is called away and discusses the Iowa Caucus, its importance, and why that importance should be shared in the future.

Virginia reverses its decision to not recognize concealed carry licenses from other states, a decision that is predicted to poison the remainder of Governor Terry McAuliffe’s time in office.

A Tennessee gun bill allows concealed carriers to sue owners of gun-free businesses if a problem occurs that they could have solved with their gun.

What they don’t teach you in Drivers Ed - how to determine if the guy following you in a high speed chase, aiming a gun at your head is a “good guy with a gun”.

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