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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 1, 2023

Good news! The mushroom tea I gave David Waldman seems to have done the trick, as he has recovered from Covid just in time for our KITM spring lambing and the dawn of a new month.

Greg Dworkin has good news about those two monkeys you were worried about, and conjunctions continue to junction. How that could be bad news for Joe Biden.

The Republican party hopes and dreams for actuarial arbitrage, or perhaps a falling anvil to help them with their Donald Trump problem. However, the base demands that Trump return for a third term, so what can they do? If they weren't inept obvious lunatics, Republicans could be pretty annoying.

There seems to be digital smoking gun evidence on (R-Pa.) Scott Perry's phone about January 6, so let the secret hijinks begin.

George Santos retired from committee work to spend more time with his family, and even after Matt Gaetz unleashed his inner Joe Manchin, Ilhan Omar is off the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Russians won’t let a hot war in Ukraine get in the way of the perpetual cold war they have around the world.

In the UK, once Liz Truss lost in a rigged election against a head of lettuce it was thought the UK wouldn’t have her to kick around anymore, but she's now wondering if we miss her yet. Please clap.