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Kagro in the Morning - February 10, 2016

Now that we’ve had our Family Feud in New Hampshire...

Here it is! It’s that moment some significant portion of you have been waiting for: Greg Dworkin’s first post-NH appearance! You knew he’d have to say that Bernie Sanders scored a yuge victory, and that Hillary Clinton didn’t do well. So he did. And then we talked about other things. Who turned out? Who freaked out? Who’s cashing out? And whose media narrative isn’t working out, and maybe should drop out?

In counter-narrative news: Ta-Nehisi Coates says he’ll be voting for Sanders, and Michelle Alexander writes that “Hillary Clinton doesn’t deserve the black vote” (whatever that might be).

Joan McCarter came by to discuss the continuing fight with telecoms over control of the Internet, the submission of President Obama’s final budget, and Mitch McConnell’s uncomfortable moment alongside Ted Cruz, blocking State Department nominees.

Byron Tau notes that Eric Cantor is alive but out of touch, but more to the point and perhaps more worrying, Justice Scalia’s private hijinx, wagering on Obamacare’s fate.

Sovereign citizen and militia separatism still simmers, but how far ought we to go in watching them?

And speaking of being watched, a quick reminder of who (and what) is watching you, sometimes at your own invitation.

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