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Donald Trump had a rough day yesterday. Donald’s not in office anymore, but there will never come a day when those words aren’t sweet.

David Waldman and Greg Dworkin (almost) have all the kinks worked out on KITM podcast/broadcast! (Once our tech guys figure out how to remove the kitten filter on David we’ll be all set for video.)

It looks as if the Presidential Apprentice  will close out with their worst ever contestants. Republican Senator Bill Cassidy ended up hitting the gong last night. The future impeached Mayor of Mar-a-Lago is reportedly quite displeased with the defense team he will never pay. By the way, last night it was decided, once and for all, (STFU, Turley) that it is constitutional to try a former president. As Bruce Castor, Rosa Brooks, and Ice Cube can tell you, you also can arrest the president. Just about any of Trump’s lawyers will, and probably already have, told you: Trump is a f—ing crook

Everybody knows Donald Trump is a crook —  Everybody.  Every Trump follower knows Trump is lying to everyone, they only vary in the degree that they believe they are in on the conMichigan state Senate Leader Mike Shirkey believes he’s a charter member of the hoax. Most Gop Senators aren’t that deluded, and divvy up their morality based on their mortgage payments. What do you want them to do, miss a car payment for democracy? If so, you are dumber than the cannon fodder they sent to the Capitol on 1/6. Some of those people are finding out not everyone was in on the joke. Some will always be the punchline.

The insurrectionist attack on on 1/6 was not spontaneous. It has been traced through Donald Trump’s political career. It can be traced back to the losers of the Civil War, and the churches that keep sending them into battle. Dead-enders don’t believe their cause is lost, it’s just that they didn’t bring enough guns the last time.

Perhaps this will sour the electorate on Republicans. If so, it’s not the time for Democrats to coast.

Twitter thought Devin Nunes was maybe a cow or something for a minute.

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