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Kagro in the Morning - February 11, 2016

Greg Dworkin helps us continue the NH parsing. Third is the new first. Kevin Drum worries that some Dem voters might be too convinced of inevitable victory. (But you didn’t think we were getting through primary season without hand-wringing, did you?) What do the journos and PoliSci types predict strategy-wise for the next stages of the race?

Politico says Speaker Ryan faces a “moment of truth with House conservatives.” Well, it’s a moment, anyway. Are we in for yet another failed promise of “regular order?”

Eyebrows are raised at The Hill’s claim of eyebrow-raising.

What’s going on with these stories about not-quite-endorsements touted by the Sanders campaign?

Utah gun enthusiasts seem to want protection from everything, both extra-legal and legal. Small government enthusiasts ride to the rescue, with the cudgel of government.

The CIA quietly issues a “note” stating that its vehement denials of accusations made against it by the Senate Intelligence Committee were maybe kind-of not so true. So quietly, in fact, that its existence wasn’t even noticed for an entire year. Now that’s clandestine!

Oh, and there was some evidence discovered today regarding the essence of space-time, or something.

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