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Kagro in the Morning - February 12, 2014

Under Snowpocalypse Watch, again. Greg Dworkin rounds up the news on the Republican debt ceiling collapse (and the wacky process used to pass it), and triggers the Political Misrepresentation Early Warning System with the latest study on mammograms and cancer outcomes. Joan McCarter fills us in on pre-recess Congressional hijinx. From the states: the TN legislature hates unions & loves small gov't so much, they'll use the gov't to force companies to hate unions; KS seeks conscience clause for pretty much anybody, and; VA Senate votes to repeal mandatory ultrasound. Ad wars: Kochs vs insurers. And Chris Christie makes a first, furtive play for the Gop's basest base. GunFAIL update: MT & SC. Surprise! 1980s clinic bomber turns up again, as child molester. More on Postal banking: what could President Obama be doing that so far, he's just... not?

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