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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bring us the big news, and that big news isn’t the New Hampshire primary. Turns out, Bill Barr and Donald Trump are happy to steal headlines too—just throw it all into the back of the truck with everything else.

Don’t tell Susan Collins, but Donald Trump is on the loose, and he has unshackled Attorney General William Barr, who in turn has the keys to the cages of Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. All four prosecutors on the Roger Stone case quit shortly after Fox viewers told them the bad news. Barr has prepared his whole career for this moment. For Trump, this is just another day. Trump orders his firing squads like he orders his Diet Cokes.

Sen. Kamala Harris demanded Lindsey Graham bring in William Barr to testify. You just know Lindsey will be the weak link in that chain.

Other than the coup d'état, the No. 1 story of the night was the New Hampshire primary. Donald Trump won on the Gop side, and Bernie Sanders edged out Pete Buttigieg, who took second place away from Amy Klobuchar. Mmmm polling!

A lot of people turned out. Many independents voted. Many voters decided recently. Most Bernie voters knew for a while. Centrists are moving toward Amy. Everyone hates Trump.

Jeff Bezos hates Trump.

Remember comical lawn gnome/stalker Robert Hyde? He’s now supplying documents and probably more selfies to congress, and yet thinks he isn’t under the bus.

Christianné Allen, how does she do it?

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