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There’s still an impeachment trial on, and if you think I’m going to be able to keep Armando off the air, you ought to be impeached!

We started right off the bat with everybody’s big worry, that the decision to truncate the impeachment process might be a mistake. (Not that anybody’s looking for a miracle, here.) That set things up for Armando’s critique not only of the strategy, but of the performances of some of the House Managers. But those criticisms don’t even approach the complete panning Trump’s lawyers got—and deserved—from trial observers, including Republican Senators!

Still unanswered questions heading into today’s proceedings: Why no indication of any response to the violence at the White House that day? Can the Republican Party ever be de-Trumpified, given that everyone it has nominated for national office in the past 8 years who isn’t Trump has been marked for death by Republican voters? And how close did rioters really get to Pence, and was there ever a “nuclear football” in play?

On a (slightly) different note, it turns out that Trump’s most depraved lies are even worse than we knew. He was much more seriously ill from COVID than the White House ever let on (to no one’s true surprise). But also, after having held himself out as an example of the “miracle” of Regeneron (and promising it, for free, to Americans in need), not only did he wander off into the sunset without delivering, it also turns out his case was actually a failed trial for the drug!

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