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Kagro in the Morning - February 13, 2017

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Greg Dworkin wants us to reach out to both elephants and riders, which always carries some vulnerability. We can battle chaos by being indivisible over shared values. You shouldn’t need to compromise your own values to get there, but for maybe 22%, sure, talking could work.

Donald Trump, however, is 100% a loser, which is funny, dangerous, horrifying and a complete emergency. Donald is trying to be a disaster. He left a key to a lock bag out for everyone, he discussed North Korean secrets in front of everyone, and from top down, his team shows they will be of no help. National Security Advisor Mike Flynn is as much of a dumb baby as Trump is. Will people catch on to this quick enough

This is why we need to slow the F down, and get people elected in 2018, so that illegal stuff can be illegal again.

Meanwhile, as hypocrisy flourishes, the exact people that you would not want in charge of anything, profit

Get well soon Arliss Bunny!

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