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Kagro in the Morning - February 15, 2016

It may sound like David Waldman is reporting live from the prep area at a Denny’s, but actually school is off today, and his family is just hanging around KITM headquarters: 

Greg Dworkin and David watched the latest flabbergasting Republican Debate and talk about the day the Republican party came apart. Catch the best of the unravelling with Jeb! and Rubio, and of course Trump. Here’s the transcript to savor. The live audience got to join in. David Frum is still haunted by the experience. The Gop establishment is at the crossroads of standing for something, or just winning.

Armando and David discuss Antonin Scalia, what he stood for, and how to replace him, including an in-depth discussion of a recess appointment strategy, constitutional hardball, and other wish list items.

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