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Kagro in the Morning - February 16, 2015

A cold start to Presidents' Day! Greg Dworkin rounds up news on the "constitutional carry" campaign in TX, early state polling updates, the Bush-Schiavo story catching fire, Kansas continues to go to hell but must cut its handbasket budget, What ISIS Really Wants, a big weekend in measles and vaccination stories and how general science denialism ironically uses free inquiry as a stalking horse. Herd immunity and labor unions. The 10th child under 15 accidentally shot & killed this year. How did the legal system handle last year's 10th child? The year's first gun show accident, at a big NRA event. Armando discusses some Rick Perry derp, some terrible vaccine reporting, the continuing MoDo disappointment, and the reexamining of the Libya aftermath. Finally, the gun incident no one could have predicted: a gun fired in a fraternity fight at the University of Georgia.

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