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Kagro in the Morning - February 16, 2016

David Waldman’s levels are on point. What other podcaster say that? 

Greg Dworkin continues to pick through the wreckage of the the latest Republican Debate, finding few survivors. Gop voters continue to not care, (except liking winners better than losers) as Donald Trump maintains his lead. Trump still might go third party. With his brother’s help, Jeb! now has about 50% support — at his own rallies. Trump is now coming for W.

Hillary Clinton maintains her lead as well, and Clinton and Trump lead into Virginia.

Antonin Scalia, passing away without proper strategic consideration, has caused political factions and journalists to quickly throw out what they can to write and rewrite history. David reveals all of the jigging and poking behind that pure applesauce being ladled out. Meanwhile, as pundits will tell you, this Supreme Court vacancy could help Clinton and Cruz, could cost Republicans their Senate majority, could be a big Gop mistake, could give Obama an advantage, could help and hurt conservatives, and will favor liberals no matter what.

Hey, take Grandma someplace other than Denny’s next time she visits.

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