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Yesterday, it was a nice day for a white nationalist wedding. Today, it’s a nice day to start again with David Waldman and Greg Dworkin bringing us news and analysis:

Worm with teeth Stephen Miller wed Katie Waldman on Sunday. (Note: Katie is NOT related to David Waldman. If contrary evidence ever surfaces, David’s DNA will spontaneously combust.)

Donald Trump gets the old gang back together one more time, before they’re all picking litter off highway medians. Welcome back, Sean SpicerReince Priebus, Hope Hicks, and John McEntee! Donald’s best friends are always the ones on which he has the best balance of kompromat. By the way, it’s never too late for Rudy Colludy Giuliani to go into the barrel and under the bus... then right back onto the team again.

BFFs Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have already had a falling out over their preferred omnipresent covert surveillance overlords.

The big question of 2020 is who can win the election. If we don’t vote for policy, what can we vote for? Is the big threat Socialism? Stalinism? No, first worry about Capitalism. Mike Bloomberg makes it rain, while dropping a few more isms, such as racism and sexism. Is it better for African Americans to go with the devil who says he always loved them, or the other one? Racism has been no problem for whites, so it mustn’t be a dealbreaker for black voters.

Wait… Is Amy Klobuchar the “Mary Ann”?

Voatz is the Uber of stupid corrupt election apps. The latest in expensive technology will allow the Nevada Caucus to drive into walls and over cliffs at speeds unimagined since Iowa.

Why can’t schools make meals like Mom used to make, back when Mom was in the mob?

Organized sports cheat almost as often as politicians. A journeyman pitcher who lost his shot at the majors is suing the Houston Astros.

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