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A symbol of some of the worst America has to offer came tumbling down today. Make that two... But, it only reveals how far we still need to go.

David Waldman and guest Greg Dworkin accompany us on today’s leg of our trip:

The blackout continues as Texas is surprised by weather too cold for their infrastructure, tax avoidance, ideology, self-image, and sanity. Governor Greg Abbott wonders why AOC would have done this to him. James Inhofe hasn’t weighed in. Wind turbines would have helped, if there were more of them. At least it’s too cold to not wear a mask.

IDing rioters has become a fun and helpful project for the conscientious internet. Some make it easy, like the girl's basketball coach from Hershey Christian Academy, Zeeker Bozell, soon researched to be Brent Bozell IV, an element of lawlessness doing tremendous damage to everyone else, just like his daddy, his granddaddy, his great-granddaddy, and his great-great granddaddy. Must run in the genes.

1/6 will get a 9/11-style commission that will probably focus on Kevin McCarthy, and we have Jaime Herrera Beutler and House Democrats decision to depose her to thank for that. Speaking truth to power will endanger her career as well as her life, but you know, her Republican co-workers are fine with that. The Louisiana Gop wouldn’t censure David Duke, but it did censure Bill CassidyDonald Trump always likes people that like him, and says Mitch McConnell is an ugly loser

Donald is going to spend more time in court than golfing for the foreseeable future, but at least he’ll be sharing the space with many of the people that love and admire him.

Most people believe Donald Trump should be in jail. Most people like Joe Biden and the job he is doing. Howard Kurtz and Tucker Carlson hate most people for liking Joe Biden.

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