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Kagro in the Morning - February 18, 2016

David Waldman wants to thank us, the listeners, for our support. We don’t just make it happen, we make positive change fulfilling, and fun. To that end, most of today’s KITM is devoted to addressing your questions and input, as we all continue to do this great thing!

But first, Greg Dworkin brings us the big picture aided by new polls and analysis: Donald Trump outperforms with the 'moderate establishment' voters (who aren't really moderate) Super Tuesday states have Hillary Clinton leading in 10 out of 12, and Bernie Sanders is doing pretty good in Vermont. Nobody is sure what is coming up in Nevada and how much a factor the Latino vote will be. Trump is still doing great in South Carolina, probably no matter what he says.

Is Bernie Sanders arithmetic sound? Democratic economists have doubts.  

David reads listener mail, and talks about finding progressive coalitions in many surprising places in the Daily Kos community, including the Evangelical and Christian communities.  

Michigan creates a RoboCop, this time to enforce unemployment insurance, but with similarly bad results.

In the US, white people are killing themselves rather than be poor.

Let’s remember the good old days when people would take the time to craft a porn title they could take pride in.

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