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Kagro in the Morning - February 19, 2016

David Waldman proudly announces that audio level problems have been finally completely eliminated! Oh, look at the audio complaints roll in…

Today is Philosophy Friday! KITM tackles Progressive political existentialism. Why are we all here? What makes movements exist?  Actions? Intentions? Effort? Fervor? Poetry? Prose? Infrastructure? Ideas? Leaders? Coalitions? Policy? Politics? David ponders them all today.

Greg Dworkin rides to the defense of wonks. Why Left-of-Center wonks are skeptical of Bernie Sanders. Sanders’ plans are thin on details, but his campaign is ok with that. Should Sanders’ doubters be casting stones? The economist that vouched for Bernie is voting for Hillary

Here comes South Carolina and Nevada! Cruz, Carson, and Rubio were going to visit conservative voters, Rubio took a look around and quietly slipped away. If too many South Carolina voters vote for Trump, it could clash with South Carolina’s Self-Image

How Democratic is Bernie Sanders? David looks into what that means, what it could mean for a Sanders presidency, the Democratic Party, and what it takes to make a political difference.

David reports updates to the case of the guy that hoped his gun would help him being old and out-numbered in fist fights.

The CEO of Zenefits told a prospective employee not to take his job offer — and his reasoning is less than brilliant. Update: He remains less than brilliant.

Jeb!’s Gun! has more personality than he does.

A Canadian Island opens its arms to Trump refugees.

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