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David Waldman is sick of hearing “Happy Holidays” — it’s “Happy Groundhog Day”, people!

Greg Dworkin and Armando co-host today’s KITM as David braves snow-ravaged Virginia streets to take his kids to school. Today they and David pore over the data coming in from Iowa, comparing it to previous rounds in the past. How did ideology, loyalty, independence of the voters, and the locations and experience of Clinton and Sanders operatives factor into the results? And what sort of responsible speculation can be made for the upcoming New Hampshire primary?

The pollsters kind of missed how Cruz and Clinton were going to win, but they told you this was hard stuff to do. People decided to vote for Cruz and Rubio at the last minute, pollsters guess. Rick Santorum would have increased his turnout by 100% if only the voting pen didn’t run out of ink.

David takes a big look at the Daily Kos article  ”How to really make America great again: Get rid of 'the dumbest idea in the world'”, which addresses the notion of shareholders vs. stakeholders, a concept posited by KITM many times in the past.

Senators, including Bernie Sanders, fight for a raise increase for their cafeteria workers, which succeeded until the moment their back was turned.

Texas police become the Uber of debt collectors and data miners.

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