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Kagro in the Morning - February 20, 2015

A PA school cop accidentally discharges his gun in school. Again. It's the 5th time since Sandy Hook that armed primary or secondary school personnel have accidentally shot themselves or discharged their weapons on school property. Versus zero active shooters stopped. Ben Carson says A.P. U.S. history will make kids want to sign up for ISIS. Wayne Barrett beats the living $#*% out of Giuliani. We also look at Barrett's 2007 bashing of his inflated 9/11 resume, and a leading indicator of his rejection by The Village. Armando joined in the latest round of Giuliani-bashing, and some more parsing of the Texas federal judge's order blocking immigration action. Rosalyn MacGregor returns with a new Michigan politics update. What motivated the Walmart wage hike? And will those raises really reach workers' wallets?

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