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David Waldman drops us off at the door of the weekend, rings the doorbell, but didn’t run off without first packing us something:

Donald Trump has been fighting intelligence for years, and it looks as if he is winning, by replacing too-smart Joseph Maguire with anti-smart Richard Grenell and Kash Patel once a classified briefing leaked to those members of Congress not paid in rubles. Pаботник месяца Dana Rohrabacher hoped to pay Julian Assange in pardons. Are Russians “pro-Trump” or just “anti-American”? Jake Tapper isn’t sure.

Nevada Caucuses, how do they work? Unfortunately, unlike magnets, people really aren’t sure.

Eric Posman presents Senate Snippets For Anxious Activists VI! This week, Eric heads to North Carolina to discuss tippable Trump toady Thom Tillis.

In North Carolina, the state appeals court temporarily blocked their draconian, racist voter ID law. This is seen as a “win” for Democrats, as they are not draconian racists.

David mentioned fourteen times on today’s show, so from that figure alone you might guess could be an important site to remember... You’d be correct! Blair Reeves launched to break a decade of GOP misrule in North Carolina. The Long Leaf Pine Slate helps raise money for Democratic challengers running to flip Gop seats in the NC General Assembly. North Carolina is big, important, and would already be blue if it wasn’t for those working hard to turn it white. NC clearly has a lot to fix, and you can help. That’s

Friend of the show, and friend of Daily Kos, peacearena, aka activist, writer, tech consultant Serena Blaiz, tells us of an intrusive, ineffective, and dangerous tool in Congress’ surveillance toolbox that should be just thrown away.

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