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Kagro in the Morning - February 22, 2016

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Greg Dworkin reports on SC and NV, prognosticates about the future: Hillary wins by not losing. (And by winning.) Is it time for Bernie supporters to get in line? Nevada is solidifying the realities of the primary season, and is tightening the focus on the election as well. 

Any SCOTUS justice this President or the next nominates will be better than Scalia

Will the iPhone encryption debate move to Congress?

David brings us some clarifications regarding Heller vs. District of Columbia. Bushmaster Firearms seeks dismissal of the lawsuit over the Newtown shooting.

Kalamazoo Uber driver shoots and kills 6 people between taking fares, not triggering racial, religious or Uber red flags preceding this. 

David returns to the discussion of Bernie Sanders fundraising — a party can be supported in many ways, even if not agreed upon in all ways.

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