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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 23, 2015

Greg Dworkin says Giuliani is still in the news, so we might as well have a look at what he's up to. John McCain doesn't love America. Chris Christie, still toast. Political bias of workers by profession, and a look at doctors' political leanings by specialty. An interesting way for remaining holdouts to grasp "white privilege." What's next for health care reform? Vax news roundup. Armando takes the wheel, discussing the latest in the "who loves America" wars. Rick Scott says any health coverage lost in the King case isn't his problem. Five minutes to address racial inequality in the US. Go! For a bunch of paranoids, pro-gun legislators can be a curiously optimistic bunch. What exactly are we delineating when we refer to "the self-proclaimed Islamic State?" Inspired by a preview of today's After Show, we pick up on the topic of politically connected, ultra-conservative educational endowments.