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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 23, 2016

David Waldman says Happy Birthday to his wife! Be sure to RSVP so he knows how many pieces to cut the cake.

It’s almost Super Tuesday, the Amok Time for poll-watchers, and Greg Dworkin will not disappoint those wanting polling and analysis today. But first there is Nevada, which isn’t a primary, it’s caucuses, but not as confusing as Colorado.

Bernie Sanders is swimming against the tide, with a tsunami coming. Greg sends his condolences in advance. Will single women be the key to Democratic success?

Donald Trump is doing well. Is this as yuge as he can get? Or is his ceiling the classy, vaulted kind? For instance, how is he getting so many of Cruz’ evangelicals? Is it the authoritarianism, stupid? Or are there many, many reasons why Trump just can’t? Anyway, the Republican race is down to the final three, and maybe another guy, but that’s all. If the race comes down to Rubio vs. Trump, GOP voters can tell us what they think it means to be American. Ted Cruz finally found out who was lying in his campaign. 

David devotes a big chunk of the show describing how to get to the superdelegate area of the Democratic National Convention. (It ends up being near by Carnegie Hall) Want to know more about this and everything else? Follow @sfpelosi

The Flint Michigan water disaster is unusual only in its severity. Lead-tainted water has had a long history in the U.S. The Natural Resources Defense Council finds safety of drinking water in U.S. cities is at risk. ‘Black Sludge’ pours out of Texas town’s faucets days after FBI arrests nearly every city official.

That time an extended vacancy led Antonin Scalia to suggest a 60-day limit on the confirmation process.