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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 23, 2022

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It’s the hump again! The middle of palindrome week! Everything David Waldman and Greg Dworkin say from this point can be read backwards to Monday:

The United Nations Security Council is still working feverishly for a pact to declare peace for our time — but no worries, Putin just wants to annex another little slice of Ukraine off, and then he’ll finally be satisfied... plus a few more things. Donald Trump wishes he pulled a genius move like that with Mexico, but of course Vlad would never have tried something like that with him, because there wouldn’t be a NATO by now. The GQP loves this whole thing and couldn’t be more Russian if you paid them. Finns want to have a word about this “Finlandization” people keep talking about.

Republicans do support sanctions on Canada. Pro-Covid trailer parks went over so well in Ottawa, that they are taking the show on the road to the states. The last thing Virginians need is out of state attention seekers, so that’ll be their first stop. So far, the plan is to send 10, 20, 25, or 1 truck. Whatever number will probably find the US capitol to be a harder target.

Democrats and Republicans agree, redistricting in Ohio is a constitutional crisis! If only the Ohio Constitution mattered at all in Ohio politics, that might be a big deal. It’s as if civil rights mattered to the Trump Supreme Court… Actually, it’s Ginni Thomas’ Supreme Court, she just lent it to Trump for a while.

If Melania Trump scams herself on NFTs, which one was the mark?

Armando and @emptywheel figure out who the real players were in the January 6 coup.

William Bryan and Greg and Travis McMichael demonstrated just how much it takes to convict White men of hate crimes in America.