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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 26, 2016

David Waldman thanks you all for your trust and support given to him, KITM and payment systems such as, which has kept this show going over the years. Recurrency is no more, but it has been replaced with two new ways to donate, Patreon, and Paypal. Please check them out!

Sitting state court judge Henry William Saad follows many other dumber than dumb airline travelers carrying loaded guns into airports. A Jail guard unsuccessfully resolved the intricacies of his new shirt/holster at Gander Mountain. 

Ted Cruz seems a tiny bit less inhuman after dropping his objection to the Senate moving forward on aid for Flint MI lead poisoning victims

Information is coming out on the latest mass shooter in Kansas. Turns out, people saw red flags in advance.

Greg Dworkin is still snowed out of Skype and KITM, but has suggestions of articles you might be interested in: Conservatives are turning out in droves to vote for Donald Trump because Donald Trump best represents them, even as he badly represents conservatism. The party is getting what they asked for and deserve.

The more experts study Bernie Sanders’ health plan, the more they have to praise and criticize - mostly criticize.

Irving Texas’ reigning warlords attempt to block Syrian refugees.

A Yelp employee fired for “violation of conduct” (complaining about Yelp) speaks to the media.