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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 27, 2020

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David Waldman and Greg Dworkin don their hazmat suits to deliver a totally virus-free KITM:

Have you caught the Trump Flu yet? Oh, you probably will, but that’s not the big problem. At least compared to the number of us who will catch it and how well we all will be able to respond to that number. And that does look pretty bad.

With the election nearing, Donald Trump finally found a boat anchor in Mike Pence’s size.  Trump assures us —  which isn’t that reassuring —  by stating that all is well and until it’s Mike’s fault it was Nancy’s, along with several other of his best words, as if anyone still cared. 

After all, why should Trump care?  The virus is bound to spread first in heavily populated, low income urban areas with Democratic mayors that are pretty much Flint to Donald, in fact they are practically Puerto Rico. Anyhow, Trump fired the people who could handle a pandemic last year, because after all, we didn’t have a pandemic last year. Don’t worry, those people are easy to find if he needs them.

Meanwhile, Japan closes its schools, China closes its plants, and Iran begins to abandon thoughts and prayers. The Coronavirus seems unconcerned.

The good news: John Waters might make it through this. (Chuck Todd might not.) This may not be the best time to cultivate your Hulihees.

Can you believe it —  are still having an election?  You know, somebody’s bound to win. Democrats plan to return to their Trump concerns… later. Donald’s so unleashed, he’s rerunning old transgressions, putting John Ratcliffe through the DNI wringer again. Richard Grenell is awful in so many ways that it’s difficult to come up with new examples, but Julian Assange manages to offer us some more. A House panel says pro-Trump lunatic stalker Robert Hyde isn’t that into cooperation.

Donald Trump has plenty of unexplained debt, but the Scottish government is more interested in his unexplained wealth. How is Devin Nunes paying for all of his lawsuits, anyhow?