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Kagro in the Morning - February 3, 2016

David Waldman sends get well wishes to Joan McCarter, and looks forward to her visit next Wednesday!  

House Republicans celebrated Groundhog Day reliving their failure of repealing Obamacare. National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka was arrested trying to board a flight at Reagan National Airport with a 9mm handgun. Gorka learned nothing from WorldNetDaily Joseph F. Farah’s dumber than dumb mistake. More than 250 gunFAILs this year, by the way. Texas open carriers have gotten their way, are still not satisfied, and bring their case before Walmart greeters.

Greg Dworkin joins us all in congratulating the bearer of the longest held erection known to science. So, what got Iowans most excited this week? Greg leads us through the polls and the pundits. Before we finally leave Iowa, one more look at the pros and cons of the caucus, what the expert hindsight tells us, and what the pundits aren’t telling us. Why it’s a bigger deal than you think, being decided by a tiny group of people.

Hillary Clinton keeps winning, but it is never enough for some people. Here are graphs to give you an idea of the states Cruz, Trump and Rubio need to win.

Donald Trump wants to back up to Iowa and re-do the caucus, because Ted Cruz does dirty things. The IA Secretary of State thinks Ted is kind of dirty too. Some think he was dirty with his wife

David further explores how "no cost" license plate readers are turning Texas police into mobile debt collectors and data miners.

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