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Kagro in the Morning - February 3, 2017

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False flags are at half-mast today in remembrance of those fallen in the Bowling Green Massacre. In Friday’s KITM, David Waldman joins Kellyanne Conway in somber review of this cautionary tale. Donald Trump has no time for tears, as he alerts the nation to the Louvre Terror!

Back in the real world, the Yemen raid looks pretty stupidly handled, but not by Donald, who wasn’t handling it anyhow.

Meanwhile, the direct descendants of Frederick Douglass give Trump actual facts for the next time he wants to say something nice about black people (2018).

Trump refers to refugees in Australia as illegal immigrants. The “Worst Deal Ever” with Australia really is pretty bad, though.

A purge is going on in our Secret Service, matching the one now happening in Russia.

We still have many more allies to mistreat, but we have only just begun to pull Norway’s chain.

Next up in awfulness is Trump’s total destruction of the Johnson Amendment. Here is more on that.

David reminds us that there is good to be had, by slowing down the bad. He reviews the many complex rules being used to slow down people who actually only use rules when they want to, and eliminate them when they don’t.

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