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A big week for political junkies, masochists, David Waldman and KITM: Iowa caucuses today, State of the Union on Tuesday, then a sham acquittal, and onto another Democratic Debate with just a little extra pizzazz.

The Super Bowl pressed two for Spanish with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira trying to subtly send a message to viewers, maybe a little too subtly for Fox viewers. Donald Trump didn’t know who was playing in the Super Bowl, turns out he didn’t even know where they were playing, as Mike Pompeo’s maps were of no help. Trump did however see another opportunity to soak taxpayers, and Donald never leaves money on the table

Greg Dworkin tells us all we need to know about the Iowa caucuses, except who is going to “win”, which is the least interesting or consequential detail. The highly anticipated Des Moines Register poll was scuttled by big font. Now we all have to guess at the outcome, or wait until the results, or whatever... New rules could muddle the results of the caucuses, but also make them more interesting. Democrats start nipping at each other, right on cue.

Jan. 31, 2020, was the worst day for democracy in America since April 12, 1861. Ken Starr name-drops Martin Luther King Jr. Trump operatives hand out cash to people attending his events in black communities. The Ukraine cover-up continues with no regrets, blocking dozens of emails about Trump’s role in the Ukraine aid freeze, which could have revealed Donald’s state of mind for anyone interested. Republicans are interested in impeaching Joe Biden if he wins the presidency. By that point, impeaching a president on "strictly partisan lines" won’t seem awfully bad to them either. Who could have guessed all this would happen? Dare we overturn the will of the voters by even holding another election?

A Republican legislator tries to play a game with Democrats, and finds that isn’t a game that Democrats play. 

No, you don’t catch the 2019 Novel Coronavirus from a particular nationality or race... or even beer for that matter. Don’t worry, American scientists are working on it in their spare time.

Low unemployment doesn’t mean good employment. There’s plenty of crap jobs to go around. Jay Sekulow and his family just go to a drop box when they need money.


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