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Kagro in the Morning - February 4, 2015

Vaccines are still an issue, but Sen. Thom Tillis ups the game, saying freedom demands personal choice on hand washing after using the bathroom. Greg Dworkin rounds up the public health news. Apparently there are polls, and they say Hillary Clinton is popular, especially with millennials. Jeb Bush opposed his brother's auto bailout, but was OK with the Wall St. bailout, maybe because that's how he buttered his bread. Aaron Schock, Downton Abbey lover, opposes PBS funding. Oh, and also has spent a considerable amount of taxpayer money on decorating, including (gasp!)... granite countertops! Joan McCarter discusses the House Republicans' 56th ACA repeal vote, what the King case puts in the balance, the latest in the battle for net neutrality, and that the press has rediscovered how to use the word "filibuster!" Open carry activists are back at the brand hijacking game.

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