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Kagro in the Morning - February 4, 2016

Tune in today, and get your fill of David Waldman and KITM, with weather and traffic on the nines:

Remember Iowa? Greg Dworkin is here to bring data and analysis to those disgruntled and those completely gruntled on the caucus process. Going into New Hampshire, the polls are pretty stable. Bernie Sanders leads big among independents, but the problem is they might independently vote Republican in the future. Will class eventually become the deal breaker for voters? Meanwhile, Trump throws a fit, Christie throws a fit, and the Bernie/Hillary camps throw a fit. Here is the rant of Al Giordano on being someone else's idea of a progressive.

KITM Michigan Correspondent Rosalind MacGregor corresponds from Michigan: Detroit Public Schools emergency manager Darnell Earley, facing an onslaught of criticism over dilapidated schools and his role in the Flint water crisis, quits. 87 cases of Legionella bacteria in the Flint area, and neighbors of Flint are showing tainted water, while state workers get their water shipped in. Ballot info law spurs fears for Michigan’s March vote, and local officials sue Michigan over the ballot info law.

So, what is the truth on the Iowa Caucus coin toss story? Is that really a less serious way to break a tie? Trump may sue over Iowa dirty tricks. That gives him a good stump speech, but really, isn't that an issue that needs to be dealt with somehow? Rubio says he doesn’t like a “willingness to say or do anything.” It smells a little on our side, too. Cruz helps wife make money, she helps him get power, is that bad? Ben Carson’s money starts to run out.

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