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Guns N' Meta today. Greg Dworkin joined us as usual, to discuss the curious issue of pediatricians being banned in Florida (and perhaps elsewhere) from "harassing" parents (whatever that may mean) about the presence of guns in the home, and the safety issues associated with them. Then, a Daily Kos meta-fest with special guest Gideon, wherein we reflected on Greg's analysis of the Florida law, threw out a few ideas for filibuster reform, and even got into the ins and outs of the moderation of discussions on Daily Kos! In between Greg and Gideon (and afterwards, as well), we teed up a few issues we'll no doubt revisit in the days to come: revelations about Justice Department memos purporting to establish legal grounds for targeted killings of suspects connected to terrorism, and the strange (though admittedly less dire) demands for "emotional labor," especially from low-wage service workers.

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