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Kagro in the Morning - February 5, 2016

Is it “PING!” or is it “DING!”? David Waldman welcomes both sides of the debate for the KITM Friday Weekend Sendoff: 

Greg Dworkin saw last night’s Democratic debate, as well as Wednesday’s forum and loved them both. Both threw great punches, and stayed substantive as usual, and we all won. Both candidates are winners in the polls as well, depending on where you look, and what you are looking for. Where do Americans look for news, anyhow? More are winning in the US economy as today’s job numbers show.  

Is it now time to debate and dream of possible VPs?

It is now time to lust after Tesla’s new product, The Powerwall. If you just want to eat your vegetables, but don’t want to cut back on calories, McDonald’s can help.

David explores a puff piece on the meanest, ruthless, most remorseless clone of Karl Rove that ever pretended to be tough.


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