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Here it is, Friday, and David Waldman is still declining to host KITM Weekend. That just means that we’ll need to pack more into today. You, however, do have the next couple days to absorb it all:

Republicans tried Liz Cheney for heresy, and Liz almost got her pyre lit.  There is only room for one deity in this party, and Marjorie Taylor Green not only is the vessel for Trump’s love, Marj is Trump, manifest. (Until the Donald’s return.) Liz knows who to kneel to, now. Meanwhile, new scriptures will always need new interpretation

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez revealed the emotions of those inside the Capitol during the January 6 attacks. Nancy Mace revealed who she is. AOC supporters reveal their cute pets. As usual, Daniel Dale checks the facts.

House Republicans took four votes to show that they’re all in with QAnon now. David details the reasons and reasoning behind roll calls 22, 23, 24, and 25, including the Previous Question, the Five Minute Rule, what’s wrong with the Senate, and why it’s Aaron Burr’s fault.

It’s definitely not Canada’s fault, although even the US Senate has a Parliamentarian, and she will be a big part of the reconciliation process, most importantly the part where the Senate passes a $15 minimum wage. Joe Biden’s covid-relief plan is already a success with voters across the board. Keep up the good work, Joe!

Tracking devices weren’t Capitol rioters vaccines, they were right in their pants the whole time. A huge number of lunatics went directly from Donald Trump’s incendiary speech right into the Capitol. Not all of them, of course — did you see the lines to get in? Those same phones are tracking the FBI right back to them, all over the country. And, if needed, their phones can lead right to their bank accounts.

If Donald wants to debate his worthiness of impeachment, he knows where to go next week. In fact, he has a signed invitation.

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