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An informative follow-up with Greg Dworkin today on the complex issues squashed (before being enjoined by the courts, anyway) by the blunt instrument of Florida's NRA-backed docs gag rule on firearms. Yet another opportunity for people on both sides of the debate to recognize the subtleties of the issue. So weird, though, that people so demand deference to the complexities they like, yet seem so eager to bulldoze those that are inconvenient! Next, we returned to Sarah Jaffe's fascinating look at the "emotional labor" demanded of service workers (and increasingly, from everyone). We weren't able to connect with Gideon today, but we did hear from yuriwho, raising the issue of the KeystoneXL pipeline, and this Daily Kos diary connecting it with the Republican blocking of Susan Rice for Secretary of State. We'll have to revisit that one! Also, we discussed Laura Clawson's coverage of the arrest of a construction firm owner in connection with the NY Attorney General's accusations of wage theft, and the vast array of issues that interesting bit of news brings up.

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