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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 6, 2023

On today’s KITM, David Waldman and Greg Dworkin are forced to discuss the Evil Chinese Spy Balloon, the greatest balloon-based threat to military readiness and diplomacy since the early eighties. The United States did emerge victorious by the way, without having to resort to our nuclear arsenal, or Donald Trump brokering a deal, apparently necessary in the previous three incidents

Mundane reality hasn’t got a chance against a good story. President Joe Biden can list his and Kamala Harris’ successes all day, but that isn’t the story most are telling themselves. More facts would help, but who needs those? Most would rather have a job.

Sweater Vest Youngkin (R. VA) will take (or fake) outrage over facts any day. That's the way Ron DeSantis likes it. The only history Ron likes is the history he plans on repeating. The only books DeSantis likes… well, that’s up to teachers to decide, and if they get it wrong, they go to prison.

It's time to be more “optimistic", which is that feeling conservatives feel when they are able to blame others for their mistakes. The Koch networks prefer a presidential candidate who is less of an optimist than Donald Trump.