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Kagro in the Morning

Feb 7, 2023

It’s SOTU day on KITM! David Waldman and Joan McCarter are your pregame announcers, with final preparations now underway at the White House with President Joe Biden getting some stretching in, while on the other side Sarah Huckabee Sanders is busy applying her eye black of lies. As with the Super Bowl, you can be certain it won’t be exciting, but it will be big. You never know, Balloon Bustin’ Joe could show up with the Evil Chinese Spy Balloon on a pike. What would Republicans say about that? Not much, if they’re smart.

January was a flop for Republicans and February isn’t looking a lot better“Problem Solvers” and the “Main Street” Gop think they can tell the GQP what to do, when none of them have even a clue.

George Santos, once bitten by a radioactive liar and now being investigated by House Ethics Committee, should be the cutaway king tonight, or queen if he’s feeling cute.  J.R. Majewski, the George Santos of Ohio, is a larger and hairier man who projects an image of rugged masculinity and might be running for office again.

Representative Ilhan Omar will be at the SOTU, and there’s nothing Republicans can do about that. Omar isn’t in the same league as Marjorie Traitor Greene.

KITM correspondent Rosalyn MacGregor reports from Ottawa County, Michigan, where the county board threw a county coup, featuring surprise resolutions, replacing officials with no-nothings, installing cronies, and changing that woke motto “Where You Belong” to the warmly reactionary “Where Freedom Rings.” The question of whether any of this reflected the will of the public apparently never entered their minds… but it has now.

Russia's war in Ukraine might have inadvertently endangered the pipeline of cash to European politicians. 

In home-grown terrorism news, the neo-Nazi couple taking out power substations around Baltimore are revealing a growing trend.