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We wrap up the week with visits from Greg Dworkin, Armando Llorens and Gideon. The ex-cop in LA now on a revenge-driven shooting spree, and the seemingly insane LAPD response that's hospitalized a few innocent bystanders! Greg updates us on super-early horse race numbers in the primary race jockeying for president in 2016, analysis of recent gun polling, and David Brooks on drones. Thankfully, it isn't Brooks who has the last word on that subject. Armando filled in for a segment outlining his thinking on the legalities of drone policy, previewing his upcoming Sunday Kos piece. Also: a few of my own observations on drones, the wacko smoothie shop guy whose stunt of charging liberals more for their drinks recently made the news, and a preview of the next #GunFAIL installment. Finally, another visit with Gideon, and his salient points on drone warfare, and how we make decisions on it, as well as how we register our protest with those decisions.

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