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Kagro in the Morning - February 8, 2017

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David Waldman always puts the K in Chaos. Today is no exception.

Donald Trump is tired of other countries stiffing him on the rent money. Some of Trump’s team is noticing that, well, the old man might be having a tough time out of the gate with his presidency so far.

Greg Dworkin advocates strange bedfellows, but recommends protection. Apparently “activism” is a “dirty word” … “Lobbyist” has a bit of a taint, too. 

Chaos vs. Reality! This time it’s personal. Can/should scientists march on Washington? Like usual, it matters how much they care if their boss is cool with it.  Get to know a scientist! (or Muslim, LGBTQ, etc., etc.) It helps a lot! If you don’t know a minority, it makes it oh so much easier to oppress them.

People that are capable of being convinced, are being convinced that this administration sucks.

Joan McCarter gets a breather, and takes that opportunity to vent: Mitch McConnell reveals his support for Black History Month and the Warren 2020 ticket, telling Elizabeth Warren (and Coretta Scott King) to sit down and shut up. Trump's HHS nominee: “Dr. Personal Enrichment” might get to be the next flame-out. The Freedom Caucus feels Obamacare slipping from their grasp. Trump’s yap is adding to the wealth of great lines of questioning for the Gorsuch hearings. All in All, Mitch McConnell just couldn’t be happier.

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