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David WaldmanGreg Dworkin and Armando are here with last night’s game highlights, followed by 2 hours of political news and opinions:

Did you catch that commercial with the old guy driving out in the winter with no roof, no hat, telling us that the place to find national unity is in the center of Kansas under a big white cross? They’ll try to sell us anything, I guess.

Remember Lou Dobbs? Why bother? Lou’s been gone only days but it already feels like years. Like many, Dobbs too felt the icy touch of Donald Trump. Marjorie Q Greene had her 15 minutes of exposure, also. She can still spread disease and advocate killing, but just not the way she used to. Marge’s owning the libs shtick is old, now she is left owning only herself. (AOC shouldn’t be even in the same paragraph as Greene.) Now, Lauren Boebert, she deserves to be exposed/forgotten. Boebert came to office with eight liens for nonpayment of unemployment insurance, and hoped to put the bills on her federal expense account.

Last Friday, when we were going over the four roll call votes on stripping Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments, David noted that U.S. Rep. Ron Wright wasn't present to vote, and for some reason had not taken advantage of the remote voting rules to do so. I guess we now know why. Like Herman Cain, being dead doesn’t mean Ron doesn’t have something to say.

Donald Trump could’ve been the president of Parler if he only arted his deal when he was an office holder. Unfortunately, Trump has earned a lot more exposure before everyone can start ignoring him. Some more exposure, a few convictions, then we can toss him on the ash heap of celebrity history.

Chuck Schumer would prefer exposure over justice for Trump, therefore even though Chuck was big on witnesses, he isn’t anymore. Also the trial won’t be held in committee, both of which Armando can and will tell you are mistakes. Impeachment trials have been held in committees, former federal officials can be impeached, and removal from office is literally the least they could do to Trump. There are rules and procedures and guidelines and precedents in place supporting all of this. There is also a lot of key evidence that will be lost without the proper handling.

Improper handling is a Trump lawyer specialty. Donald’s new lawyer, Bruce Castor, has a soft spot for bottom feeder celebrities, likes TV cameras, and wants political power, so expect a lot of “political theater” to come.

The majority of Americans would love to convict and forget Trump. Meanwhile, two-thirds approve of President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 response. Of course, they have nothing to compare it to.

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