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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 10, 2014

Nine counties in West Virginia, and possibly as many as 300,000 people, are without any usable fresh water today, having seen their water supply "libertarian-ed" by the good folks at Freedom Industires. (A real company name!) Brian Beutler notes the potential political danger for the Gop in the apparent cost curve-bending success of the ACA. Well, if logic applied, that is. Greg Dworkin took the reins for a bit, and told us that "liberal" self-ID is on the rise, examining the realities of health care costs and how they mesh with social services. Yeah. Maybe you weren't thinking about that nexus? Worried about political polarization? World famous monkeybloggers say maybe it's not so much polarization as it is the tolerance and/or thirst for partisan warfare. Turning back to the Christie story, we review his marathon presser, then recap Rachel Maddow's interesting alternative theory of the case. And just for fun, we watched noted wackadoodle Mark Levin drag out his stock outraged response, cross out where it says "liberals" and instead pencil in Mitch McConnel, Jerry Moran and the NRSC. Yargle, with a side of bargle!