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Kagro in the Morning - January 14, 2016

After a few stymied tries, David Waldman finally syncs up with guest Monte Frank to talk about his latest article “10 reasons why 2015 was a year of progress for gun violence prevention,” as well as his involvement in gun control activism, present and future local, state and federal gun legislation and much more!

Greg Dworkin brings us the latest polling — Bernie Sanders closed the gap in Iowa, maybe New Hampshire —  now what

Upset Republican donors wonder: Have they have wasted their money? (Yes.) Donald Trump makes some journalists, and some Republicans, very sad.

A smart gun bill heads to Chris Christie’s desk — which Chris Christie will be there? The congressman behind the ban on gun violence research regrets his roll. The Pacific Standard regrets its article on child gun deaths. Everyone regrets a recent patriot on patriot shooting. Republicans regret losing the opportunity to make the Iranian-US Navy incident into another Benghazi. They probably regret texting their stupid reactions so soon

Oregon locals had a lot of the same outsider nuts harassing them even before the standoff.

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