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David Waldman shakes up the weekly schedule at KITM or maybe it’s the schedule doing the shaking. Either way, Joan McCarter stans out there now need to come here Tuesdays.

As for Wednesday, Nancy Pelosi announced that tomorrow will likely be the day the House votes on sending articles of impeachment to the Senate. Not THE articles of impeachment, as Donald Trump deserves not just these, but many more. Trump is, and always will be, impeached, by the way. After tomorrow, impeachment goes to a trial, not an appeal. The public wants a fair hearing, Moscow Mitch isn’t planning on one, Susan Collins plans to pretend she wants one, but Chuck Schumer plans to call her bluff. Donald Trump never had a plan, but always has an emergency.

Cruelty was the point, and hunger was the plan in West Virginia.

Is Trump attempting to save Obamacare or destroy it? Who knows?

Donald Trump made the long awaited pivot towards being the president of Louisianan college football ticket holders with the endorsement of “Hollyweird” actor Vince Vaughn. Say what you will, but Vaughn was able to maintain physical contact with Donald much longer than most.

Vlad and Bashar aren’t Donald’s true friends, you know.

Trump’s Iran deceptions might go deeper than even we thought. On the day of Soleimani’s assassination, another Iranian was targeted in Yemen. A Patriot missile defense battery was removed from al Asad base just before Iran’s missile attack. Right now could be the quiet before the storm.

Meanwhile, Russians hack into Burisma to prep for the 2020 elections. Let’s see what Rick Perry was up to in Ukraine, shall we?

And, the umpteenth Democratic primary debate is tonight and promises to be a bloodbath, enthralling both Republicans and cable news hosts.

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