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Kagro in the Morning - January 15, 2015

Wake up, Idaho! TSA caught someone trying to board a flight with a circular saw in Pocatello the other day. TX gun enthusiasts run a Charlie Hebdo shooting simulation with an armed civilian in the office. Everyone still died. Pretty much what ABC's 20/20 found more than five years ago. Yet another accidental shooting in a Walmart. Still more TX gun enthusiasts tip their hand while lobbying for their favorite gun bill. Joan McCarter dropped by to defend Idaho, and round up happenings in Congress including Wall St. deregulation, undermining Social Security, the possible future of the filibuster, and how Daily Kos is helping keep Dems in line. Also, the meaningless but fun Jason Chaffetz vs. Darrell Issa portrait battle. Even post-conviction, justice is a different game for the rich and/or powerful.

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