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Kagro in the Morning - January 15, 2016

David Waldman will certainly not present a live KITM on Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. He will almost certainly have a pre-recorded show ready—so tune in or visit here and find out what he’s cooked up!

Small government is great until it isn't and Big Government has to be summoned

Greg Dworkin actually saw last night’s Republican debate, a little chunk of Hell delivered by people practiced in painting Hellscapes since Ronald Reagan, and not at all as heavenly as the Gop establishment pictured. Ted and Donald fought about birther stuff and “New York values” but not much about the real world. But Jeb! got an endorsement from Graham!

Deal from strength or get crushed every time”  are the lyrics to Trump’s new Supreme Leader anthem, as it maybe, possibly manages to skirt infringing on Marvel.

Arliss Bunny called in from producing this Monday’s Hopping Mad with Will McLeod and Arliss Bunny on Russian oil prices to discuss how our country’s largest financial firms’ concern is whether the government has made it too expensive to be big, instead of too big to fail. Neil Cavuto seemed to imply that the financial crisis happened on Obama’s watch without saying anything explicitly false

Constitutional law scholars are starting to give fair-weather originalist Ted Cruz a headache.

A veteran’s gun fires when he brought it into an MRI room. In fact, a gun in an MRI room could kill someone without going off. And people keep getting shot even when safety is a priority. All you need to do is release the trigger.

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