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Kagro in the Morning - January 21, 2016

As a blizzard blows in, David Waldman warns us to stock up now, before the hoarders nab up all of the Axe body spray:

Greg Dworkin brings us the polls, and questions. How will Iowa caucus results influence the vote in New Hampshire? How will undecideds be influenced, and how will they move the vote? Here is how it went in NH in 2012.

The betting bet on Trump. The establishment hates Trump, but they fear Cruz. What kind of man would spends millions to elect Ted Cruz?

Sarah Palin takes over the Republican party. She might have endorsed Trump, but who knows what she was saying? Donald Trump did get the big endorsement though.

Bernie Sanders health plan sounds great, but how’s he going to do it?

The gun control bill that almost beat Chris Christie’s veto might be coming back.

Flint, Michigan is a minority community, it’s a poor community, is that the reason it was poisoned?  ‚ÄčAuthor Vann R. Newark II visits KITM to talk about his article, An ugly truth behind black gold: How racial injustices are behind California's fight against Big Oil. He and David discuss how to help the environment by helping those in most need, and the possibility of building a coalition to empower those people fighting on the front lines.

Read this week’s funniest tweets, and vote for the best one (KagroX, natch)!

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