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Martin & LewisSimon & Garfunkel. Aniston & Pitt... There wasn’t a dry eye this morning at KITM World Headquarters when David Waldman welcomed back persona grata Armando… And, it is about time. These are trying times with big questions in need of answers, such as how the Senate plans to try absolutely nothing and no one in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and get away with it.

The impeachment trial begins with a debate about the rules, which the OLC will tell you is only one rule and Alan Dershowitz will tell you that is one rule too many. Midnight Mitch believes that with 51 votes there is no debate, he call yes, no, he can make day, night, and what are you going to do about it, at least without a time machine?  David and Armando analysed the situation and came up with ideas. We can only hope Senators tuned in this morning.

Regrettably, the long awaited Clinton & Sanders reunion has at present, been postponed.

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