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Kagro in the Morning

Jan 22, 2016

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The snow or something knocked the Greg Dworkin segment of KITM off the air but you can still catch it right here—FiveThirtyEight is tracking the tight race of Clinton vs. Sanders going into Iowa, and the less tight race in New Hampshire. Check out the difference between their “Polls-plus” and “Polls-only” forecasts. As the bets are placed on Trump, the establishment’s hair combusts, but they can’t decide whether to freak out about Trump or Cruz. It’s definitely no way for Carson, and they aren’t too hot on Rubio either

The buck keeps stopping with MI Governor Rick Snyder, as water problems grow and the damage could last for generations. Snyder figures it’s probably the voter’s fault.

Armando visits to discuss the role of outsiders and activists in politics and the limits of ideology and good intentions in governing, and gun manufacturer immunity, and William Jennings Bryan, and much more.

Ted Cruz puts his family’s health in jeopardy by revealing he doesn’t have health insurance, although actually he does.

A guy going to the Benghazi movie oh so much wanted to be a good guy with a gun...