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David Waldman reviews Day 1, and previews Day 2 of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, which is of course, constitutional nonsense that defies legal consensus, or even eye witness consensus. David and Greg Dworkin however do consense that a fair trial must include witnesses and documents, and that this isn’t one of those.

Adam Schiff kicked off and scored in the inaugural opening of Trump Trial One. Democrats showed their strength early by running up a score from the very beginning. Mitch McConnell caved before the end of lunch break. John Roberts blew his whistle after midnight. Oh, Dems are still going to “lose”, probably, but they aren’t giving it away for free... and, no matter what, Republicans aren’t going to “win”. Trump pre-celebrates by bragging about hiding evidence.

Biden-for-Bolton trade and could end up with two bad deals for the Democrats. We need to pick between good witnesses and fun witnesses. Let’s hear what Pat Cipollone knows.

Richmond’s MLK Day gun rally was an outbreak of terrorism on American soil. It is impossible for the Richmond gun rally to be both peaceful and intimidating. It did have a sense of style, though. (I think my mom has that babushka!) The alt-right boogaloo some had planned didn’t sound too bad either, until the mass killings and destruction part.

Oh, yes, the election. Joe Biden still leads the 2020 pack, though his smile might be a bit less sunny lately.

FLASH: Hillary Clinton Is Not Running For Anything.  Martha McSally might as well give up.

Trump has ground to make up in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, but is still a threat somehow because voters really just aren’t all that they would like to pretend sometimes.

Mohammed bin Salman might have considered posing as a Nigerian prince with Jeff Bezos but instead went with the old infected malware ploy.

RIP Terry Jones.

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